Good Morning

We, i.e. much of society, spends a lot of time and money worrying about what others think of us. We spend billions of dollars on clothes and cosmetics, hair preparations and jewelry. We all want to look nice when we go out, but so much value is placed upon presenting a good image. It really doesn’t matter how we compare to others, or what they think of us. The only thing that really matters is what God thinks of us. God’s value is a heart that is clean and presentable before Him, but that is something we really can’t accomplish, try as we might. It is something that He has done for us in Jesus Christ. God has said, “I love you. I have given the atoning blood of My Son to cleanse your heart. In Him you are perfectly acceptable to Me.” We hope others like us, but God has demonstrated His love and acceptance of us in Jesus Christ. No other opinion really matters much.