Good Morning

When we look at our lives we sometimes fret that we didn’t know something earlier, or started on some course of action sooner in life. It may be true that things would be different today, but the marvel of God’s grace is that nothing is wasted. God has a wonderful way of using our past for the good we can do in the present. He can even turn some of our sins to His glory. It is not the desired path that He would have us take, but it in no way puts Him out of the picture. His love is too great for that. We may, and often do, have to struggle with things because they were not done earlier in life, or deal with the consequences of past sins, but God is still there. He never abandons us, and He has the ability to take all of the junk that we give Him and make something beautiful out of it. What a marvelous God we serve. Enter this day knowing that He is with you, and seeking to use your life to His glory.