Good Morning November 15

There is a British comedy we enjoy watching on Public Television. It is done quite well, and we have been following it for years. There is one aspect that makes it way into almost every episode, that is the lie. The characters will find themselves having to answer a difficult question, or give some reason for something they do or do not want to do, and they make up a lie. It usually gets them in trouble, but it is still the first response they usually make. It is always a temptation. We want to look good. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s so easy to shade the truth in our favor. After all, they are only “little white lies.” Which is a lie itself. Yes, it is hard at time to make truth our rule for everything we say and do, but it is a vital virtue to be cultivated. It is only out of truth that trust comes. God was quite serious when He gave the command not to bear false witness. It is hard at time, but it is the best policy for life.