Good Morning November 23

We are Americans! We can figure things out. If there is a problem, we find a solution. There is no frontier too great for our Yankee ingenuity! But have you ever noticed how many questions in life we can’t answer? Especially the “why” questions. Why did this happen to me? Why was this one taken and not another? Or even the “how” questions. How would I react if I were in that situation? And the more we hurt, the less we can find a sensible answer. Our Yankee ingenuity just doesn’t help. Jesus told the disciple on a number of occasions that He was going to suffer, die, and be raised again from the dead. The disciples responded, “No. This can’t happen to you, Lord.” It didn’t make any sense. There was not real answer for them at the time as to why that should be. But there was a reason, even if it was beyond their eyes. And more importantly, there was a gracious God beyond that why question, who would ultimately make sense of it. So many questions we can’t answer, but a God of wisdom and love that is greater than all of our questions.