Good Morning July 26

I had my annual echo cardiogram yesterday morning. They provide a small flat screen monitor next to the table where the patient lays on his side for the test, so he can watch what is done. It is amazing laying there watching the interior workings of one’s own heart. The different chambers, the valves opening and closing in perfect rhythm, and it has been doing that 70 times per minute for more than 70 years. The statistics about the human heart are astounding, and that is only one organ of our complex bodies. An accident of nature? A process of trial and error, mutations and natural selection over millions of years? I don’t think so! We are God’s creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. And further, If He has made us so intricately, and keeps us functioning over our years, He will not abandon us. He is ever present with His abundant mercy. Whether that heart, or any of part keeps functioning, is really not the point. He has made us, and we are His. He will watch over His creation, and guide us to Himself.