Good Morning August 23

Many people worry about their status, their position in life, their pride in people thinking well of them. Much of Washington politics is built on the perceived power that one has. Image becomes everything in order to accomplish some purpose. Certainly, we all like people to have a positive opinion about us, but in our Christian faith we begin to realize that this is not something we really have to strive for. We have been saved by the grace of God through our faith in Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, God calls us His children. We are His saints. There is no higher status or position that one can have. A person may be at the top of their profession, or the major one of influence in government, but even these pale in comparison to having favor with the Lord of all Creation. In whatever you are able to accomplish today, just remind yourself that you are a child of God for Jesus sake, and that is far greater than anything you are able to do or not do.