Good Morning August 29

The cleanup has begun in the aftermath of hurricane Irene this past weekend. There were many preparations before the storm, and mass evacuations from coastal areas. Because of all the warnings there was a small loss of life. Yet, a few of the deaths were due to the foolishness of ignoring the warnings and trying to defy the storm. This is sad, but points again to the stubborn and foolish nature of some people. But this really is a characteristic in all of us to one degree or another. It is part of our sinful nature. There are warnings, or we might rather say guidance, throughout Holy Scripture of the best way for us to live. When we choose to ignore the plan of our Creator we find pain, heartache, and death. We may feel that some of the storm warnings were over reactions and unnecessary, but they were not. They were intended for our safety and well being. How much more should we heed the warnings of the one true God who made us.