Good Morning September 20

Paul writing to his spiritual son, Timothy, tells him to be “diligent in the matters” he has instructed him about, and to “guard what has been entrusted to your care.”(ITim. 4:15&5:20) Timothy was leading a church congregation at the time, but Paul’s words are applicable for all of us. We have all been entrusted with a gift of God’s grace in our life in Jesus Christ. We have all been instructed in the way of life that honors our Lord. We have all been given talents and abilities that are good and useful in the Lord’s service. These are all good gifts from our Lord. Gifts are only useful if they are unwrapped, fully understood, and put to good use. Stewardship is using what we have been given in the service of our Lord in whatever ways He daily opens for us. In this way God is honored with our lives.