Good Morning September 30

The cross is a strange symbol because it is far more than a symbol. Some will use it as a fashion statement with no more meaning than that. Others keep it as a good luck charm. Still others demand that it not be displayed in some businesses or on public lands. Many only want the cross without the body of Christ hanging on it. Whether people like it or not, the cross of Christ looms large over all human life, requiring some kind of a reaction. It will be ignored, hated, fondled, or adored, but it remains very large in all life. A Roman execution that happened 2000 years ago declares that God acted in the midst of human life, and that action has not ceased to touch all lives. For some it is the declaration of God’s love, grace, and salvation. For others it is a gentle call of God’s Spirit urging them to find something more for their lives, even if they can’t identify it as God’s calling. For still other it is burning judgment that stirs a hatred for all that is of the one Holy Triune God. The cross is a dividing line for all human history. For us, it is our hope, and our calling to share the love we have been given in that wondrous sacrificial action of God.