Good Morning February 14

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have a good day in sharing love for those around you – which is what each day should be. Valentines Day focuses on the aspect of romantic love which is great, but only one expression of the love God has given to mankind. John tells us that God is love, and that we love only because God first loved us.(IJn.4:19) This has always been astounding to me! Almighty God, Creator of the universe has the nature of perfect love, love that reaches out to seek the good of all that He created. As that love comes to us and works in us, we are changed, so that we love others with the same kind of love we have received. God’s love is never selfish, or self serving, but finding the greatest joy in what is good for the one loved. This is true whether it is romantic love, love for a friend, or parent for child. It is not soft and dependent upon emotions, but praying, speaking, and acting for the good of another. You are loved by God with a love that is beyond our human comprehension. We seek to share a small measure of that love with those around us. Happy Valentines Day!