Good Morning April 9

We had wonderful celebrations at church yesterday. Attendance was high. Several additional hymns and special music gave praise to our Lord. The spoken word told again of the Easter Sunday event, and sharing the Holy Eucharist was the high point of the service. All of it together proclaimed the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I began the service with the shout, “Jesus Christ is alive! Hallelujah!” However, with all of this declaration, and beauty in song and spoken word, it is not really yesterday that matters. This is Monday, a holiday for many, but the beginning of a normal week. Back to the routine of life. It is today, and tomorrow, and the next in which the proclamation “Jesus is alive!” really matters. It is the risen Lord Jesus who said, “I am with you to the close of the age,” and the declaration “I will never leave or forsake you.” For us, Easter is not one day, but every day. We begin each morning with the shout, “Jesus Christ is alive!” He is the true strength and joy of life.