Good Morning May 28

I have ridden in an army tank across fields, been behind a jeep mounted 105mm gun, worked on submarine sonar equipment, and worked with the military in four countries. But I’ve never been in combat, never been shot at, never had a friend die next to me. I am very aware of the sacrifices that men and women, who have done these things, have made for me. I’ve walked through the rows and rows of white markers in a number of military cemeteries, and know that these lives were sacrificed for me, so that I can live the peaceful life I do. We have also recently celebrated the sacrificial death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God made an ultimate sacrifice in giving His Son for our lives. We are also reminded that our lives have been enriched by many sacrifices of parents, spouses, and friends over many years. As we share Memorial Day we are very aware that our lives, now and eternally, rest upon the foundation of more personal sacrifices that we can possible know. Let us share this day in great humility, and thanksgiving.