Good Morning July 24

The Apostle Paul was on trial because of his preaching. In his defense he spoke of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The suffering and death are one thing, but when he got to the part about the resurrection it brought doubts and scoffing. The King’s advisor shouted “you are out of your mind, Paul. Your great learning is driving you insane.”(Acts 16:24) We can justify the suffering and death in a lot of different ways. Jesus was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got the Jewish authorities up set, etc. But when you add the fact that God raised Him from the dead, you have a whole different picture. You have a God event that cannot be dismissed. Almighty God took a specific action in this person, Jesus Christ, in the midst of human history. This is certainly unusual, but it is not insane. This is a truth that all must face, and ask “Why?” The answer to that question impacts our lives to the very depth.