Good Morning September 5

My wife has a stuffed doll of Clarabell the clown. Only you who were around in the 50’s will remember that Clarabell was on the Howdy Doody children’s TV program that ran for many years. He was always pulling stunts, getting into the midst of supposedly serious situations, and generally making people roar with laughter. We need Clarabells in life. He is there to provide a good reminder for us not to take our life too seriously. I was balancing our check book the other evening – a depressing task! Along with many other aspects of daily life, we can get really down about the things that come to us. Clarabell is certainly not a religious figure, but he is helpful in reminding us that God is eternal, beyond the trials of this moment. Even more, God is joy, and wants us to share that joy. Paul wrote, “may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. (Romans15:13) So, remember Clarabell today, or whatever other clown you know, and laugh. God is good and the joy of life.