Good Morning October 3

I visited one of our member a week or so ago. This woman lives on top of a hill in a forested area. Her home has large windows on two sides of the living room. Sitting there, one looks out on a completely peaceful scene. She has a TV but no computer or other electronic gadgetry. She was remarking how she enjoys the tranquility, which has a way of filling one’s whole being. I look out on my own back yard, a lawn surrounded by trees, some just beginning to turn fall colors. I thought, how different this is from much of the silicon world we’ve created. Computers, the internet, and the variety of other electronics dominate our lives. They certainly can have their useful functions, but they cannot give peace. Often producing quite the opposite. We are to have a quietness in our spirit, a quietness that only comes from becoming quiet in the Lord. Meditating on all the beauty He has created is certainly helpful. Above all He calls us to trust Him for all of our times and needs of life. The Prophet Isaiah wrote, ” You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. “(26:3)