Good Morning October 15

Last week I commented on the value of the Psalms, and suggested you try to write your own. I still think it’s a good exercise in expressing the thought of your heart to the Lord. There seems to be a modern internet counterpart to writing psalms. It the blog. People can get a free web site, and write about whatever is on their minds. The vast majority certainly has nothing to do with the Lord. One comment I ran across seems to express the tone of many. “The important things is that it’s your life and as long as you are happy, then that’s all that matters.” There is nothing wrong with personal happiness. We all desire it, but it’s not the reality of much of life in this world. People seek it by all manner of diversions, most of which are short lived. God wants us happy as well, but happiness is not the goal of life. No earthly life will be happy throughout its whole sojourn. It is why we are called to a life of peace, joy (different from happiness), and strength in a relationship with Christ, first and above all. The happiness we have is a byproduct of that relationship, and not something we try to manufacture by many diversions.

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