Good Morning October 30

Whenever there is a natural disaster as there was last night with the storm that hit the east coast, some will question where is God? Is he a God far off who doesn’t care about the affairs of men? Are these just natural disasters that have nothing to do with God? If God is loving, why does he permit such death and destruction? Jesus, who stilled the storm on Galilee, couldn’t he have stilled this one? We must first say that God is not far off. He does know and care about all that touches his creation. But even as he answered Job, some things must be left in his sovereign hands. We, who are steeped in logic and rational answers, don’t really like that, but a reason to our “why” questions would be of little help anyway. What we need to see is God’s hand of mercy in the places where things could have been much worse. We need to recognize God’s hand of help through the neighbors and friends who work together to save. We see that life is more valuable than property, and even where life is taken God’s hand is there. Our “why” questions will not be answered until eternity. We are called now to a deeper trust in our Lord, and the strength of our Lord to let his love show through us to others.