Good Morning

The nations is reeling from yet another senseless mass murder. There have been many tragedies and injustices throughout history, but America has been subject to far too many of these shooting in recent years. Politicians will again be talking about gun control. Schools will install more metal detectors and surveillance cameras. Psychologists will analyze, law enforcement officials will debate. But all of this, as necessary as it might have to be in our current world, misses the point. For many decades we have been hard at work destroying the moral foundation of our culture. We teach evolutionary theory as fact, destroying the worth of the individual, and doing away with the concept of sin that is in our nature from the fall. We have rejected the truth of natural law which was at least still acknowledged by the founders of our nation. We deny the existence of any absolute values, which a couple of generations ago still held people in some moral check. We have glorified tolerance in the name of being loving to all mankind, while we have no understanding of the real love of God who has given us absolute values for our good. And, of course, the name of Jesus, who alone is the Redeemer, and the only One who can lead us out of this morass, has been banned from any public mention. We no longer have the moral check on behavior, or the proper godly means of comforting those who suffer in tragedies. I can say that Jesus is the only answer, but that sounds hollow to modern ears. The only prayer that we can utter is, God forgive me for my sins, and the sins of my people.