Good Morning February 7

We always enjoyed exploring the rivers off the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. When going out of Sandy Point on the western side, the Bay is about four miles wide. On a clear day you can see across the Bay to the mouth of the Chester River a bit to the north. We would pick a spot on the far shore and head toward it. Sometimes the water was a bit choppy, and there were always crab trap lines to watch out for. One time we ran into a sudden downpour. But as long as we kept that spot on the far shore in view we would get to where we wanted to be. The image has an obvious analogy for life. We are traveling a distance measured in years. The path has its share of choppy water and obstacles. We have learned that our hope is in the Lord, and His truth is the way to life. Sometimes the way seems very clouded, we don’t feel that the Lord is near, and conditions of life don’t make sense. It is just at such times that we keep our eyes fixed on that which we know to be true. We keep our hope set on Jesus. We will reach the far shore.