Good Morning March 5

Well, the run will be on today for milk, bread, and toilet paper. People are going to the stores ahead of the snow storm predicted to blanket parts of the eastern U.S. It always happens. People rush to be prepared. Jesus once said, “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.”(Mathew 16:3) With all of our technology, we do a marvelous job (sometimes) of predicting the weather. We prepare for what is coming by wearing the right clothes, taking an umbrella, picking up extra items, whatever is needed. Yet we fail in the one area that is important above all, understanding the times we live in. In these times mankind has grown far from the purpose for which God created us. Both Old and New Testaments speak of the time when Christ would return to earth. Jesus taught us that we should watch, and be prepared. This is not by building shelters and stockpiling food, but preparing our hearts. He is looking for hearts that are set on Him in love, and longing for His presence. We are to live each day by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in showing His love through our actions to others. That is our greatest preparation, and today really could be the day.