Good Morning May 8

At our Monday evening Men’s Bible Study we were discussing a couple of questions of what God does in certain situations. We had no answers, and came up against a total mystery. We really don’t like that. Our Yankee ingenuity, problem solving, defeat the bad guy nature doesn’t like to face questions we can’t answer. But, after all, this is God we are talking about. There are many aspects about His divine nature and will that are hidden to us. That is as it must be. If God were no bigger than our human reason He would not be a God worth our trust and worship. (But on the other hand, there are many today that worship there own human reason!) Our God has and does reveal Himself to us in all of the ways that are necessary for our salvation, life, and hope. He has given His greatest revelation in the living person of Jesus Christ. He has shown us amply evidence in Scripture, and in life that makes Him worthy of our complete trust. In all eternity we will not know all there is to know about our gracious God, but what we already know today is the strength and joy of life.