Good Morning August 26

It is interesting to observe the changes we’ve experienced over many years. We love our cell phones, smart phones, and iPads that keep us in touch with others wherever we are. If we are without it for a day we feel lost. It was only a few years ago that we would ride through a town looking for a corner phone booth if we needed to make a call. Show a young person a dial telephone and he’ll wonder what it is. Many years ago people would go on a journey and be out of touch for months at a time. Our world has certainly changed. I’m not convinced it has all of been for good. How do we measure change? Or a deeper question, what is our purpose in life? According to the the Westminster Catechism, our purpose is to love God and enjoy Him forever. If that is true, then change is measured by how it supports this purpose, or perhaps detracts from it. People before mass communication learned to love God deeply and share His love with many others. We won’t give up our cell phones, but we should keep our focus on the true purpose for which God has given us life.