Good Morning August 28

Perhaps the hardest aspect of our prayer life is praying for ones we love that are not living in the Lord’s will. This is not being judgmental, but clearly seeing that God has something much better for a person than the path they are presently walking. We pray and pray without seeing any visible results to our petitions. The gracious Lord has given each of us choices to make in life even as He did with our first parents concerning the forbidden fruit. He will not take those choice from us. He does not want robots that are required to do His will, but people who learn to love Him from their hearts. We must not despair. God does hear our prayers. He loves that one even more than we do, wanting them to find the full blessing of His life. By the presence of His Spirit He is working in ways that we cannot see, but are nonetheless real. A person may have to go down before they rise up, but they are never out of the Lord’s hands. Be strengthened in faith, and continue to pray.