Good Morning September 4

They say, “like father, like son”. I can remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be where my dad was and doing what he was doing. If he was out in the yard, that’s where I wanted to be. I learned how to splice an electrical wire from him, and to change a wall outlet. We did a number of basic carpentry things together. Dad took the family to church each week, and led the music in the Sunday School room. What was important to my father was important to me. What he didn’t particularly care about, sports in particular, neither did I. Like father, like son. All of this is to emphasize the importance of the leadership role a father plays in the life of his children, both sons and daughters. It is the only place they really learn what a man is supposed to be. Above all, a father is to be a man of faith leading his family into the only lasting values that truly matter. All of the fun times will one day be only memories. All of the financial security is a passing and shallow comfort. What last is that which gives them hope and security in Jesus. That alone is a lasting legacy.