Good Morning September 6

There have been many movies made around the theme of seeking some lost treasure. The hero and/or heroin go to great lengths including personal expense, sacrifice, danger, and trials to reach the treasure they seek. That also describes the quest our Lord enters for each of our lives, and for the lives of those we love and pray for. Jesus tells the parables of the Lost Sheep where the Shepherd leaves the rest of the flock to seek the one which was lost. Also, the parables of the Lost Coin, and the Lost Son. No amount of effort is withheld until the lost is found. That is the depth of our Lord’s gracious love reaching out to every person. The quest is not always easy. Nor is it quick, but, just as in the account of creation (Genesis 1:2), the Lord’s Spirit is hovering, brooding over His creation to bring forth life. Pray that that life will break forth more fully in us, and in all for whom we pray.