Good Morning September 13

There is an interview in this month’s WORLD magazine with theologian John Piper. He is speaking about his concern for the future of our country. Ending his comments he said, “What we need is a love for holiness, a love for people, and a love for obedience.” Apart from a “major tornado” of God’s action among us he really didn’t express hope for any change, but I thought his three items were very good. We need to think about them. “A love for holiness.” That is a deep sense of the holiness of the God before whom we all stand, and will one day face. This brings us to our knees in humility, yielding to the only One, the Lord Jesus Christ, who can stand with us in His presence. “A love for people.” The sacrificial love of Christ working in us for the good of others. “A love for obedience.” Our searching God’s Word for His truth in all matters of faith and life, and not picking and choosing what we feel fits in with our “enlightened understanding”. I’m afraid I share Piper’s pessimism for the future of our nation, but the truth of these three loves must stir each of us on daily to stand and to grow in our faith.