Good Morning September 18

What good is the Bible? Now there is a strange question for a preacher to ask! But it is one we must think about. We say that the Bible is God’s word, but God’s word to who? If we are people created by God then it must be His word to each of us. If that is true, and He really is the almighty, eternal God, then His word must have an impact on the things of everyday life. In other words, it must be of practical daily value. And it certainly is. The Bible, God’s holy word, gives us insight into the nature of the God we worship, into the nature of mankind, and more important into our own individual nature. Even further, it shows us the relationship God desires to have with each individual, and the way He has made that possible. Still more, it shows the way people are to relate to one another, and the care we are to have for others. There are a lot of self-help books on store shelves, but there is none more practical, direct, and true than the Bible, God’s word to you.