Good Morning September 30

Most people know what TGIF means. (Thank God it’s Friday) When it comes to the first day of the work week many begin with OGIM. That’s really not the way to begin. Each day is a day of grace. Each day God opens new opportunities, new things to learn and enjoy. Certainly, we may not look forward to particular tasks of the day, but even these are not apart from our Lord. We are the clay. He is the Potter. He uses everything to shape us into a useful and good vessel. Did you ever watch a potter, or perhaps a glass blower? The craftsman uses heat, pressure, and various instruments to shape the mass of material. It is exciting to see a beautiful object emerge. You are that beautiful object. Our gracious Lord will continue to work in each of our days until that work is complete. (Philippians 1:6) So it’s not OGIM, but TYLFTGOTD. Thank you Lord for the grace of this day.