Good Morning October 8

“Make every effort”, Jesus tells his listeners, “to enter through the narrow door”.(Luke 23:24) Our God is a God of great love and extreme mercy. His grace extends to all mankind. But we must never be causal about, or presume upon, that mercy. How often have we heard, “Oh a loving God would never…” I believe God’s mercy is very wide, and there will be many in heaven that we do not expect, but we who have been given the truth of God’s love in Jesus Christ are called to live in that truth each day. This is not living by some set of rules, but by never wanting to compromise, deny, or make light of the relationship we have with the Lord. Just as our earthly relationships are important, we want to do nothing to harm them. It is even more so with our Lord. Jesus is the source of our life. He is the narrow door, and through Him we have the greatest life possible.