Good Morning October 10

In the corner of my office I have a floor to ceiling bookcase. There are seven shelves holding a few hundred books. Everything on those shelved could be contained within some number of megabytes on one of the new tablet devices. A book would be instantly available by a touch of the finger, and pages turned by the swipe of a hand. It would free up a number of square feet of floor space. Convenient, yes. Part of the wonders of our digital world, but I think of what would be lost. Those volumes have been collected over many years, from many different situations and needs. Some are gifts from people who are important to me; some signed and dated. I look at each shelf, I know what it contains and where I can find what I need. The very top of the shelf holds four wedding picture of couples I’ve married. They too could be in the digital file, along with thousands of others. The digital world is here to stay, and in many ways is very helpful, but as with all technological advance we also need to be careful what we lose by its use. God created man for relationship, first with Himself, then with others, and with all aspect of His created world. We should not let any technology harm that.