Good Morning October 14

I would like to say something wise and insightful about the current budget talks going on in Washington, but what can you say? From where the public sits it looks like a bunch of young kids playing football, each team claiming the football belongs to them, and if the other doesn’t play right thy’re going to take their football and go home. We feel like we want to spank them all, tell them to sit on the bench, and let other kids play. The difficulty is that we’ve created the problem many decades ago, compounded it over the years, and now have no real idea what to do with the monster it has come to be. Scripture talks about the sins of the fathers being visited on succeeding generations. It is true in families and in nations. The only answer to sin is repentance, crying out to God for mercy, and praying earnestly for His wisdom to guide into a new path. That is if anyone is so inclined to do such an audacious thing.