Good Morning October 15

We have rules for everything. To use this computer we must follow the rules the engineers established. The car runs by set tolerances and values. Traffic is governed by rules, as is the government. Even the dentist sets down rules for brushing and flossing teeth. Somehow we feel that God shouldn’t be that way. After all, He is loving and forgiving isn’t He? Yes, He certainly is, but that doesn’t change the fact that He created life, yours and mine, and determined the rules by which we find the best possible life. As humans, we love to bend the rules, but then we always get less then the best. We don’t follow the rules in order to gain our salvation. That has been freely given to us by faith in Jesus Christ. By seeking God’s rules for life we are not trying to stack up credits with Him, but simply trying to understand the beauty God planned for human life, and the way we live in that beauty as best we are able.