Good Morning October 17

Well, the U.S. Government is back to work. Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. The legislators agreed to take out yet another credit card they can max out over the next four months. It’s a great system by which no individual household or business could ever survive. One Representative, Mo Brooks of Alabama said, “All this does is delay this fight four months. We need to get to the underlying cause of the problem, which is our out-of-control spending and deficits.” Maybe congress went about this in the wrong way considering all the pain and expense it caused, but Brooks is right. It is always the underlying causes that need to be addressed. That is what doctors do in looking at symptoms, and it is what preachers do in exposing sin. And, yes, sin and deficits can be spoken of in the same sentence, but that would take far more than a brief paragraph to examine. It is always the hearts of people that drive the decision that are made. We have progressively denied the hearts of our nation’s people the true wisdom that can only come from the Lord. As a result we reap a chaos that no one really knows how to change. I’m sorry to be pessimistic about the direction of our country, but I am not without hope. My hope is that, seeing where we are as a country, more and more people will be driven to their knees seeking God’s direction and intervention in our affairs. He really does care about all that concerns us.