Good Morning October 18

Think about the times you have been to beautiful places. Perhaps one of the botanical gardens with gorgeous flowers, fountains, and perfectly manicured shrubs. Perhaps a wonder of nature like the Grand Canyon, or a mountain glassier. Perhaps a…, but I will let you fill in the rest with places you’ve seen. That beauty stays with you, for a while at least, as you think about the experience, or review the photos taken. God invites us to look into the perfect beauty of His Kingdom through the abundant grace He continually sheds upon us. We see Him in the beauty of the world, and in the ways He has touched our own lives with His grace. Words convey imperfectly the beauty of His life. It must be seen by the heart. As the eyes of our hearts are opened to the beauty that is our Lord, then that beauty remains always. In that beauty, we are strengthened in hope, and can rest in God’s peace.


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