Good Morning November 7

I recently sent an e-mail to a Christian publication I regularly receive complaining about the way they presented the name of the magazine. They had replaced the full Christian title with only initials, putting the full name in small print below. Campus Crusade for Christ has recently done the same in changing their name to CRU – whatever that mean! I also object to Xmas instead of Christmas. I understand all the arguments about meeting people where they are, being seeker friendly, Paul ministering in Athens using their Greek poets as a connecting point, and so on. But we are Christians. We have the greatest message in the world, the way to find true life in Jesus Christ. I’m not for jamming anything down anyone’s throat. Our main witness is in the lives of love we show others. But I’m also not going to hide behind some set of initials. Who I am and what I do is shaped by Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me. I want others to understand that and to want it for themselves.