Good Morning November 20

When one goes into a Best Buy store the array of technological gadgets is amazing. Even refrigerators today have computers built into them. We are also aware of the difficulty of getting a technological question answered when something goes wrong. Many children’s toys have computer chips built into them. If an electronics engineer were to try to explain how the circuitry works with it million plus transistors on a chip no bigger than a fingernail we would all be lost. We do know that these technological marvels must have a very detailed plan in order to function properly. But then we look at life itself, yours and mine. There is a complexity of physical body, mental ability, and spiritual depth that is beyond all comprehension. Yet it, too, has a Designer who knows how every aspect of life functions. Even further, that Designer has given us instructions for how our lives are to work properly. I, like most people, dislike reading the manuals that come with our gadgetry, and usually just start pushing buttons. But with life it is the very wise person who is willing to read the Scriptures that God has given for the best operation of human life. It really lead to a lot more fun and usefulness.