Good Morning November 26

Yesterday’s Good Morning was about the need to learn sacrifice. I had one reader respond saying that this takes place by growing in the nature of Jesus Christ. That is quite correct. Some people have argued that the world would be much better off if we did away with all religions. They claim that it is the world’s religions that have caused hatred, sectarian violence, wars, crusades, inquisitions, and terrorists acts. Of course, there is some truth in this, including within the Christian Church. But such acts are a complete distortion of the truth of Christ. Getting rid of all religions may curb some violence, but it doesn’t change the source of violence within the nature of man. That is the thing people fail to recognize, or strongly deny. Man’s nature is corrupt. Without the influence of God, the Holy Spirit, man’s nature does not lead to altruism. Where there is selfless action God is still working. Unless the Lord withdraws His hand from us completely His Spirit is still working in the world in ways we are not even aware. But the only true change in man’s corrupt nature can come through a relationship with Christ. Whether the world likes it or not we are totally dependent upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ.