Good Morning December 2

Yesterday was the beginning of Advent in the Church Year. Advent emphasizes a duel preparation. First for the celebration of Christmas, the birth of the Christ Child. This is a truth that was accomplished in first century Israel. Emmanuel, Almighty God took on human flesh in the Bethlehem Baby. He came to provide redemption for mankind. Secondly, Advent accepts the promise of resurrected Christ that He would come again to earth at the conclusion of God’s purpose for man’s time on earth. Advent celebrates the first coming of our Lord, and waits in anticipation for His return. All of this takes seriously the sinful condition of all mankind that desperately needs the intervention of our Lord. We like to think that we have progressed so far in human life, yet we simply devour one another with more sophisticated means. We are in a spiritual battle. Advent points our hearts toward the only One who can lead us to victory. Advent encourages us to pray for Christ’s soon coming, and to be watchful. This could be the day of His appearing.