Good Morning December 4

It is interesting how often the Scriptures tell us to wait on the Lord, to trust and not be afraid. Advent is a season of waiting in anticipation. Waiting is something we don’t do very well. In our fast passed world we want it now. But for those who are willing to wait on the Lord, the promise of salvation, help, strength, goodness, righteousness, and mercy are given to them. Waiting implies trust. We believe the promises we’ve been given in Scripture, and we have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in many past actions. One who waits on the Lord believes that He will accomplish all that He has promised. Waiting says that our lives are centered in the Lord, and all of our ultimate hope is placed in Him. No, waiting is not easy. Like a little child waiting for Santa. But our hope is placed in One who far exceeds any Santa. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ who is always faithful to those who put there trust in Him.


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