Good Morning December 5

A neighbor up the street was seriously ill some time ago. In talking with him after his recovery he credited “the Man upstairs” for helping him through. It’s not an uncommon phrase. I expect we have all heard the Lord referred to in that way. This same man has spoken at times about difficulties and strife at home. Somehow “the Man upstairs” doesn’t fit into that. The Man upstairs is a distant God, unconcerned about smaller everyday aspects of life. He is the God we look to in dire need, but otherwise don’t see Him involved with life. This is not the God who willingly left Glory to live 33 years in human flesh, to experience all that we face in life, and to give Himself in atonement for all of our sins. We worship the living God who knows every sparrow, and can even care about a lost set of car keys. Our Lord is not a distant God, but one who cares about and is involved with all life.