Good Morning December 6

Thinking about words. We hear the word theologian and we think of someone teaching in a seminary, or writing many scholarly books. This is true. There certainly are such people who have been of great benefit to the church. But look at the word theologian again. The first part theos means God, ology is simply the study of. A theologian is one who studies the nature of God. I consider myself a theologian, but I’m not a well read scholar. I am a parish pastor and a wood worker. I conduct worship, church programs, and minister to people. I know wood and how to construct useful pieces of furniture. As a theologian it is my desire to know more about my Lord, learning more about Him as we walk through life together. In this way all Christians are to be theologians. This is how the disciples got to know Jesus. They walked many miles with Him throughout Israel. There eyes were opened as they saw Him work in the situation of life. As we read the Scriptures and daily walk along with the Lord, we learn more of His life and the life He wants for us. We are theologians.