Good Morning December 10

We had snow on Sunday. Roads were pretty clear by Monday, but over night we had another snow and it is still coming down. I looked out of the front door a few minutes ago. Everything is pristine white and absolutely still. The Lord give us an interesting experience in these moments. Everything is clean and beautiful, and there is complete silence. In our fast paced and troubled world we don’t have many opportunities to see something perfectly clean, quiet, and at peace. Perhaps the brief minutes on a snowy day are a reminder that this is what God intended for life, and what He extends to us in His Kingdom. The snow quickly becomes a nuisance when we have to travel in it, but God does intend that clean and quiet be the content of our hearts. Peter wrote words concerning women that I think apply to us all. “Your inner self (should be) the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”(I Pt.3:4) Even in the many nuisances of this world we are called by God to quietness of heart in trust of Him.