Good Morning December 20

Intrusion – “entrance by force or without permission or welcome, a deliberate move into someone else’s territory, either literal or figurative.” I start with this word today because I get really tired of the ads Comcast puts up on my browser. Ads on every screen, and now they even come in with an audio track telling me of some car deal or mortgage rate. None of us likes an intrusion, but when you think about it that is just what God did at Christmas. All of a sudden in the midst of the busy Roman world, on a cold night in a little account Israeli village God appeared. Oh, He wasn’t noticed by many. Not like an ad blared over the internet. Some angels appeared to shepherds on a hillside. These men of little value in society were the first to be intruded upon with the words, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.” There lives were changed that night, as have the lives of countless people through the centuries to whom God, the Holy Spirit, has introduced the Lord Christ. Even further, we are promised in Scripture that there will be one further intrusion by God when Jesus Christ returns again. This intrusion will touch all human lives. No, we don’t like intrusions into our territory, but the God who created us and loves us beyond measure does intrude, offering us not a new car or lower mortgage rate, but life itself.