Good Morning December 23

Throughout this Christmas Season I’ve tried to think in terms of what the actual people we going through apart from the greeting card images we usually see. I relate a bit to Joseph as a man and a carpenter. Though he probably worked in stone as well as wood, which I certainly don’t. Nonetheless, he was given a task by the Lord that took him totally out of his element. He was supposed to believe that a woman became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Something that had never happened in the history of mankind, and to a woman he loved and wanted to marry. Even after he was convinced by God of this truth he had to deal with the questions of his parents, town’s people, and customers. Probably lost some business over it. And then there was the whole five day walking journey to Bethlehem. No chance for the first year free after a marriage as was customary in Judaism. Then the panic of Mary’s labor pains in a dirty stable. The poor guy was a carpenter. He knew wood and stone, not babies. But God doesn’t always leave us where we are comfortable. All of Bible history is God taking people from one place and putting them somewhere they have never been before. It was a place where they had to believe they truly heard from the Lord, and were willing to put their complete trust in Him, even when it lead into great difficulties. Joseph learned, as we all must, that following the Lord is a matter of trust and obedience, and not an easy walk through life.