Good Morning December 26

As families gather around to open Christmas presents there are varying degrees of excitement with each gift, especially with the kids. A shirt or new jacket will elicit mild appreciation, while a desired toy or video game brings real expressions of glee. Of course, this has to do with the age of the recipient, but also with the short or long term view one takes of the gift. A new toy brings pleasure immediately, but is often set aside in a few weeks. A warm jacket isn’t needed in a cozy house, but is sure good on many cold mornings. Do we not sometimes treat our Lord that way? We refer to Him as the greatest gift we receive at Christmas. Yet in the short term there are many other people and activities that seem more important, more fun. Growing in Christ means that we see our walk with the Lord as the most valuable aspect of life for today, and for all of our days into eternity. Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.”(John 10:10) There really is great joy and holy fun in walking with Jesus daily, but it is the grace of eternal life God has given us through Him that is our value beyond measure.