Good Morning January 2

Americans are accomplishment oriented. We see a problem, we’ve got to solve it. Yankee ingenuity has accomplished many things. We have built a life style on activity. Activity, therefore, seems to define our idea of accomplishing something. I know this is often the way I look at my day. What did I get done that I can see as tangible. Maybe that’s why we have a difficult time with prayer. It doesn’t feel like we are “doing” anything. Minds wander, doubts creep in, and all kinds of things seem to intrude on the time we set aside for prayer. But true prayer is real work. There is often more accomplished in the time spent in prayer than in a lot of physical activity. Perhaps we need to reorient our thinking about what work is, and set about the real task that God has given to every one of us – to come to Him in earnest prayer.