Good Morning January 3

The outside temperature reads 10 degrees here in Maryland this morning. I know it is a lot colder in other parts of the country, but for us that is cold! In those temperatures a person must have insulation to survive. We put on multiple layers of clothing to maintain our body heat lest we suffer hypothermia and possible death. We must be protected from the outside environment. Obviously, when I begin with such an example I’m going to make a parallel to our spiritual life. I expect you could as well. The environment in the world is hostile for the Christian life. We are confronted by the contrary nature of the world’s thinking, the temptations to our own sinful flesh, and the direct influence of the devil. Unlike the cold, however, we don’t “feel” these things as immediate and pass many off as not so bad, or just the way things are in our modern world. Yet they can be as spiritually deadly as hypothermia is physically. We need the guidance of God’s revealed Word for the proper insulation against spiritual coldness. We are no better than anyone else, but we have been shown a way that leads to life. We desire all to know the warmth that only come from a life in Jesus Christ.