Good Morning January 6

In life the Lord give us little glimpses of His heavenly kingdom. I don’t mean to be sentimental but I believe it is true. We had the opportunity yesterday afternoon to attend a concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with a soprano soloist. It was wonderful. I always marvel at the harmony in such presentations, and that is my point. There were 80 or so musicians, and a variety of instruments. A violin sounds nothing like a trumpet, nor a flute like a harp, and then add a human voice. All vastly different yet blended together in the most beautiful harmony. The marvel of it all is the composer and the conductor. The composer designs the music perfectly for each individual instrument, and know precisely how it will fit together with all the others. The conductor guides the timing and the level at which each plays. Meditate on this a bit, and we get a small picture of what our Lord is seeking to do with each one of us. It is Jesus who works in each of our different hearts to fit us together in the harmony of His life, and He will not stop until the composition is complete.