Good Morning January 7

It’s called a Polar Vortex, winds that usually stay in the Arctic region have moved south and put the freeze on much of the eastern half of the U.S. It is cold, minus two here this morning. So what do we make of that? I’ve said that most things in life can be used as parables teaching us something about our Lord. In this case it seems to me that when something is not where it usually belongs it disturbs life. We like things to be in place, things to be predictable. We especially want to keep God in a box where we know where He is and what to expect from Him. But God doesn’t operate that way. He refuses to bow to our plans and timing. He has just proven that in the Christmas event. His coming was predicted, but no one knew when, and most people didn’t expect it in a little account village in southern Israel. Scripture also tells us that He will break in again at a time when no one expects. We do certain thing to prepare for the predicted cold temperatures. We prepare for our Lord by our earnest desire for Him, our prayers, and keeping our eyes open to watch as He taught us to do. God is the God of the unexpected.