Good Morning January 9

Antiques are a big business in America. There are antique store all over the East coast. Today much is researched and even purchased on line. Some will make a vacation of “antiquing,” going from one shop to another. People select pieces, and fill their homes with bits of history. Sometimes old pieces are from the family. They have come down through generations. It seems to me there are a couple of reasons for the love of antiques. We see a solidness and enduring quality to the past that give comfort in our rapidly changing present. Then, too, we also feel a connection, a belonging to something that gives us value now. Whether you like antiques or not, these qualities are given to us freely in our Lord. Our God is solid and unchanging. He can always be trusted. He made us. We are His. He has declared His love for us in Jesus Christ. Antiques are nice, but our stability and our value come from the Lord.